Transfer Program

Are you thinking about transferring to Virginia Wesleyan University?

You have made a good choice. We have developed many ways to facilitate the transition for the transfer student into the Virginia Wesleyan University degree program as well as for teacher certification. We have financial aid packages available. Please call Admissions at 757.455.3208 and ask for information on transfer scholarships. The teacher education programs at Virginia Wesleyan University are known for excellence in preparing classroom teachers.

We offer teacher certification in the following areas:

  • Elementary Education preK-6
  • Secondary Education 6-12 (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Math and Social Studies)
  • PreK-12 Certification
    • Visual Art preK-12
    • Foreign Language preK-12 (French, Spanish, and German)
    • Music Education vocal/choral preK-12
    • Theatre Arts preK-12
  • Special Education: General Curriculum K-12

Transfer Guide

The VWU Transfer Guide provides basic guidelines for acceptable courses that can be transferred to Virginia Wesleyan University.

Receiving credit for course work

Transfer credits are evaluated in the Admissions Office and in the Registrar's Office. The Director of Teacher Education will evaluate those courses that may be transferred into the certification programs.

Transfer credits and waivers require:

  • a formal request by the student;
  • course descriptions and syllabi from the institution of higher learning;
  • an official college transcript; and
  • course grade of C or higher.

See transfer guide for Foreign Language and ART, MUS, PHI and REL courses to transfer into the General Studies program.

Receiving credit for life experiences

The Director of Teacher Education will review any previous teaching experience. This may allow abbreviated practical or preservice teaching placement.

Credit for life experiences may require:

  • a formal request by the student;
  • written letters of recommendation;
  • copies of contracts for such teaching experiences; and
  • other written proof of the student's participation in appropriate classroom settings.

Transfer student FAQs

Do I need an Associate Degree?

An Associate Degree provides more transfer opportunities.

Do I need to take a foreign language?


What will be my major if I want preK-6 or special education?

Comprehensive Liberal Studies Curricular Emphasis (CLSCE)

Can I finish in four semesters?


What do I take my first semester?

Elementary (preK-6) - INST 202, INST 203, EDUC 225
Secondary (6-12) - INST 202, INST 203, EDUC 225
Special Education - INST 202, INST 203, PSY 205