Undergraduate Education Program

Kelly Bateman assists students in observing and dissecting a flower as a part of her Classroom Management course. This course allows undergraduates to implement behavior management strategies learned in class while teaching in diverse contexts.

Students hoping to become elementary teachers (preK-6) or special education teachers (K-12) can become licensed educators in only four years at Virginia Wesleyan through the Elementary Education and Special Education majors. Some educational institutions do not require state teaching licenses for their educators. For students hoping to teach in an institution that does not require licensure, they may be interested in the Education Studies major, an education major that does not lead to a state teaching license. In all our undergraduate education degrees, faculty prepare our teaching candidates with rigorous coursework and more hours in practical teaching contexts than many other undergraduate programs in Virginia.

Small class sizes, a broad-based liberal arts curriculum, and a beautiful campus located close to some of the best public and private PreK-12 schools in the state, VWU offers teaching candidates an incredible context to pursue a teaching career. Strong partnerships and knowledgeable faculty make the program unique, with early and multiple innovative field-based learning experiences. An on-campus PreK-12 lab school, Tidewater Collegiate Academy, provides VWU students further opportunities for learning and practice throughout their time on campus. Practical teaching experiences grow in intensity and duration throughout their academic journey culminating in an immersive senior internship. With nearly 400 hours spent in multiple, diverse teaching contexts, VWU students will graduate as some of the most experienced and well-trained new teachers in the state.

Successful Elementary and Special Education Candidates must complete admission and program requirements explicitly aligned to national teacher education standards and state teacher education regulations to enter, continue, and complete the program. Successful Education Studies Candidates are also required to meet specific major requirements, but they are not required to take state licensure tests.

If interested in Education Studies, Elementary Education, or Special Education majors, please apply to receive more information.