Final Grading Instructions – Fall 2019

Exam dates

  • Day Program: December 7-11 (remote format)
  • Evening and Weekend Classes: December 7-11 (remote format)


Grades for graduating seniors are due within 48 hours after each exam. Remember that grades for potential graduates (Upcoming Graduate column codes: 20/FA - December, 21/SP - May or 21/S2 - August) should be released to the Registrar's Office separately from the grades for non-graduates. The earlier we receive grades for graduates, the more time we have to resolve problems.  All other grades are due within 48 hours of the last day of exams.

"C-" Reports are due by Monday, December 14, 2020. (These are necessary for the Committee on Academic Standing.)

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Log in to WebAdvisor, click on "Midterm and Final Grading with Rubrics Rosters", select the current term (leave date fields blank), and select the class roster desired.  Please remember rosters with only one or two students e.g. tutorials, guided studies, etc.
  • Every student on your final rosters must receive a grade from the drop-down box! No blanks, please!
  • Withdrawal grades (W, WF) are only allowed when the student has officially dropped the course or withdrawn from VWU. Students who dropped or withdrew after August 28, but no later than November 6, will be assigned a grade of "W”.  Drops and withdrawals beginning November 7 automatically receive a "WF." Withdrawal grades which you have previously submitted are already encoded on the roster.
  • The grades indicated in the pull-down grade box on the roster fit the student and the type of registration--traditional, pass/fail, or audit grading. The choice of grades for students in pass/fail courses are "S" and "U" whereas audit students can only receive a "Z" (successful audit) or "UZ" (unsuccessful audit).  An "H" is also available in the pull-down grade box for students completing an honors course with work of exceptional quality.
  • The "C-" forms (to be completed for all students who receive a final grade of C- or lower) can be completed online at the same time grades are entered or at a later time, but no later than December 14. This information is an important item used by the Committee on Academic Standing. To avoid confusion, I recommend recording and releasing the final grades to the Registrar's Office first and then returning to complete any "C-" forms necessary as each of the "C-" forms has its own submit button which is separate from the grading function.
  • Grade changes/corrections cannot be made on WebAdvisor but will be accepted through e-mail only to from your VWU e-mail account until midnight, December 13 . Later grade changes/corrections must be approved by Associate Vice President Sue Larkin (on paper, the old way). The Grade Change form is available in both the Registrar's Office and the Academic Affairs Office.
  • Incomplete ("I") grade changes for the spring semester and/or summer sessions must be submitted on the "Term Incomplete Roster" on your WebAdvisor menu no later than Friday, December 4. (An earlier deadline may be imposed at your discretion.)  Student work should be required in ample time to allow you to submit a final grade by December 10 at the latest. It is recommended that grades of "I" be given only after consultation with the student and not as a substitute for a failing grade.

Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions.