Web Registration Instructions

Summer and Fall 2024

Advance Web Registration for all current students begins as follows:

Date Group
March 4 Online/EWP 
April 2 Honors/Military/Students with Accommodations
April 3 Seniors
April 4 Juniors
April 5 Sophomores
April 8-10 First-Years
April 11 Non-degree students
April 12 All Others

Go to WebAdvisor and click "Search for Courses." Choose the term, then search by subject, type, keyword, instructor, etc.

Select courses appropriate for your plan of study and work out a tentative schedule before meeting with your advisor.

Meet with your advisor to discuss your course selections.  Your advisor will give electronic approval for you to register at your appointed registration day and time.  You may check to be sure electronic approval for Advance registration has been given by your advisor by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking on "Personal Registration Information."  Contact your advisor if approval has not been given.

During the week prior to registration, check for (and clear) any holds that will prevent your registration.  Check by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking on "Student Holds."

Check your individual registration day and time which will be listed on WebAdvisor on or before the first day of advising weeks.

It's my time to register!

  1. Login to WebAdvisor. (WebAdvisor does not like the browser back button so navigate using only the menus, tabs and WebAdvisor buttons.)
  2. Click on the red "Students" button and locate the registration menu. Registration options include:
    • Express Registration - Use this option if you know the exact class(es) and section(s). Enter the course number and two-digit section number, e.g. ENG 105-01.
    • VWU--Search for Sections/Consent - This option can be used to search for classes by General Studies type or by department.  It is also used when the course requires instructor consent.
    • Search/Register for Sections (recommended) - Use this option to search for and then register for classes.
    • Manage Sections with Drop – Use the option to make all add/drop changes once your schedule has been created.
  4. View/Print your schedule under My Class Schedule.    
  5. "Log off" of WebAdvisor before closing your browser window.

Adding/Dropping courses

Your advisor will give electronic approval for registration when he/she is satisfied that advising for the upcoming semester is complete.  You will be able to add or drop courses if necessary for the fall or spring semester and summer session without additional advisor approval through the end of the first week of classes (add/drop week).

Special registrations

The following special registrations must be processed in the Office of the Registrar on a Course Selection Form which is available in the Office of the Registrar or from your advisor.

  • Overload permission for a full course
  • Courses needing professor consent when prerequisites have not been met
  • Pass/fail courses (additional form available in the Office of the Registrar)
  • Audit courses (additional form available in the Office of the Registrar)
  • Cross-registered courses (additional form available in the Office of the Registrar)
  • Guided study, independent research, and tutorials (this form can be downloaded from the Student Forms page)

ROTC Registrations

If you are interested in earning a commission as an officer in the United States Army, you have the opportunity to do so by taking ROTC classes at Old Dominion University while pursuing a degree in your chosen field of study at Virginia Wesleyan through the Virginia Tidewater Consortium.  Learn what it takes to be a commissioned officer.  You will have the opportunity to compete for ROTC scholarships. Check the ODU web site at www.armyrotc.com/edu/olddominion/index/htm for more information.

The Basic Course refers to first and second year courses which are designed for beginning students who want to qualify for entry into the Advanced Course and for those students who may want to try Military Science without obligation.  For a listing of courses, go to www.leoonline.odu.edu/plsql/web/bwckschd.p_disp_dyn_sched.  If you decide to take a class, you will need to complete a Virginia Tidewater Consortium Student Cross-Registration Form, available in the Virginia Wesleyan University's Registrar's Office.


Student Notice of Responsibility

"I accept responsibility for ensuring that all courses for which I register are appropriate to my degree program and class standing, or are being taken for my personal enrichment.  I am responsible for all information I submit online to the University.  I agree to notify the Office of the Registrar promptly in writing of any withdrawal or other change following Web Registration that affects my enrollment status."