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Progress Report Instructions

Fall 2018—Progress Reports Available: October 19, 2018

Mid-Semester Progress Report grades and/or comments can be recorded for your students on WebAdvisor at any time through Thursday, October 18. Recording grades of C- and below are especially important but you may record all grades if you choose. Comments (canned or free form) are extremely helpful to both students and advisors. It is a good time to give successful students an extra pat on the back with positive comments. Log on to WebAdvisor and click on "Midterm and Final Grading with Rubrics Roster” under the Faculty tab.

Students and advisors will begin viewing the grades and comments beginning Friday, October 19. If you need to post grades/comments for a class after October 18, please inform your class to check WebAdvisor for your late entries. Also, use the Early Alert system for any special concerns regarding a student.

Why is this information important?

  • Students need to see your grades and comments in black and white even though you think they already know their level of achievement.
  • Advisors need the information in order to help their advisees.
  • New students are of particular interest since some of them may be reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standing at the end of the semester.
  • Records of students on academic probation are followed up by the LRC and Academic Alert staff.
  • November 9 is the last day students can drop a class with an automatic W.