New Courses 2017-2018

The following courses have been approved during the 2017-2018 academic year:

APMU 212  Wesleyan Singers: Vox Vera (1)
Vox Verum is the top chamber ensemble in the Virginia Wesleyan Choirs program for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  An auditioned mixed choir of 12-16 singers, the choir sings entirely unaccompanied music from a variety of styles and genres, including a capella, jazz, and contemporary music. This ensemble will participate in regional and national tours along with Camerata. Members of Vox Verum must pass an audition and sing in Camerata.  Prerequisite: consent only.  Offered every semester.

BIO 340  Tropical Marine Ecology (4)
An introduction to major tropical marine habitats and ecological processes that control tropical marine ecosystems with a focus on coral reefs, mangroves and tropical seagrass beds.  Organisms characteristic of these habitats and their symbiotic relationships will be examined.  The increasing environmental degradation in tropical marine communities are also discussed. Prerequisites: BIO 130/131 or BIO 200 or consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

BIO/EES 393  Scanning Electron Microscopy (2)
Introduces the essentials and broad research applications of SEM.  Topics include the preparation of biological and non-biological specimens, the use of secondary and backscattered electrons for imaging, and the operation of SEM in high vacuum and variable pressure modes.  Hands-on training and independent operation of the SEM are mandatory.  Prerequisites: Sophomore status and consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

BIO 395   Fluorescence microscopy (2)
Examines the applications of epifluorescence and confocal laser microscopy to the imaging of living cells and tissues.  Topics include sample preparation and a review of the principles of fluorescence imaging.  Practical training and independent operation of the instrumentation are strongly emphasized.  Prerequisites: Sophomore status and consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

BIO 397  Advanced Light Microscopy (2)
Reviews the fundamentals of light microscopy, with an emphasis upon the compound light microscope, stereomicroscope and polarizing light microscope.  Topics include dark-field, phase-contrast, differential interference contrast (DIC), simple fluorescence and basic staining techniques.  Use of digital image capture and manipulation software is required. Prerequisites: Sophomore status and consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

BIO 399  Histotechnique  (2)
Introduces techniques used to prepare tissues for light microscopy.  Topics include a review of laboratory safety procedures, specimen fixation, tissue processing and embedding, sectioning with a microtome, and staining. Hands-on training with a microtome is emphasized. Prerequisites: Sophomore status and consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

EES 394  Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (2)
Explores the applications of Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) in determining the chemical composition of specimens.  Topics include sample preparation, specimen-beam interactions, and gun alignment procedures useful for generation and collection of x-rays in high vacuum and variable pressure.  Hands-on training of the SEM and EDS system are emphasized. Prerequisites: BIO or EES 391 and consent.  Offered in selected semesters.

ENG 388  British Literary History (4)
A survey covering British literature from the medieval period to the twentieth century.  It is highly recommended that students read the major works over the summer, as the reading list is substantial. Prerequisites: Any ‘T’ course.  Offered in fall of odd-numbered years.

HON 200  Connections & Context (4) 
An investigation of concepts, issues, and ideas relevant to the culture and travel destination(s) that includes engagement in a service or research project that addresses the particular need(s) of that community and involves interaction with representative community members, constituencies and agencies.  Prerequisite: Batten Honors College. Offered every summer session and January Term. 

HON 205  Topics in Leadership & Literature (4)  T
Explore the personal lives, practices and disciplines of leaders through the analysis of fiction and non-fiction with some attention given to forms of expression other than literature.  Students will actively reflect on leadership with respect to their own personal aspirations and values by analyzing the visions and values of the leaders presented in the literature.  Prerequisites: Batten Honors College; ENG 105 with a grade of C or better. Offered every spring. 

HON 225  Models of Decision Making (4)  Q
An introduction to the use of mathematics to model real-world situations and the application of mathematical models to decision making in personal, business, and social contexts.  Models, methods, and selected case studies vary from semester to semester.  Prerequisites: Batten Honors College; Math Placement H, A, or B. Offered every fall. 

HON 270  The Artist & Society (4) 
An examination of selected topics and works of art to explore the arts as modes of aesthetic communication, the creative process and its ability to express, expand and influence social ideas.  Students will engage in creative activity and explore the creative process in relation to the individual and society.  Prerequisite: Batten Honors College. Offered every spring. 

HON 480  Senior Seminar (4) 
An integrative course in which students reflect upon their whole college experience; examine the nature, importance, and influence of their liberal arts education; and refine their liberal arts skills as they design, execute and present a capstone project.  Prerequisites: Batten Honors College; senior status. Offered every fall. 

MBE 206  Sustainability Accounting (2) 
An overview of sustainability accounting.  Includes traditional profit-oriented accounting and evaluates its impact on society.  Introduces identifying, measuring, and reporting a firm’s commitment to its stakeholders and the planet.  Offered every spring. 

MBE 222  Introduction to Financial Management (2) 
An introduction to Financial Management for students not majoring in Business, the course provides students with the basic tools of financial analysis and planning – leading to better decision making in both their professional and personal lives.  Topics include analysis of financial statements, the time value of money, and capital budgeting. Prerequisite: MBE 206.  Offered every spring.

MUS 356  Sound Recording Workshop (4)
Builds on skills developed in MUS 254 and gives students more advanced skills in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering music.  As part of a final project students will be able to produce 20 -30 minutes of recorded music using a variety of styles and techniques.  Prerequisite: MUS 254.  Offered in fall of even-numbered years.

PHIL 480  Research in Philosophy (4)  W
Capstone course for the philosophy major.  Students conduct a philosophical research project of their own design, under faculty supervision, that culminates in an oral presentation, an extensive essay and a viva voce examination of their work by the philosophy department faculty.  Students must have completed the bulk of the course requirements for the philosophy major before taking this course.  Prerequisites: successful completion of ENG 105 with a grade of C or better, and consent. Offered on demand. 

REC 325  Race, Gender, and Leisure (4)  W
Investigates the past, present and future roles of leisure in the lives of individuals within the context of gender, race, and ethnicity.  Leisure patterns and pursuits will be examined through a review and analysis of ideals on equity, empowerment and social values. The course will also incorporate a personal examination of leisure philosophy, behavior and constraints related to one’s identity.  Prerequisites: successful completion of ENG 105 with a grade of C or better. Offered spring of even years. 

RELST 208  Foundations of Youth Ministry (4)  S
Initially focuses on the history and development of youth ministry within the local church, parish, or community of faith.  Students identify, compare, and critique models, philosophies, and styles of youth ministry, and then – using a case study approach – work through a broad spectrum of ministry programs and issues.  Offered every spring. 

SOC 215  Study Away in Sociology (4)  S
Explore sociological issues and applications beyond the classroom.  Students will travel to places where institutions, individuals, events, and/or policies have influenced the field of sociology or where they are able to see sociological emphases and/or social change being applied in current contexts.  Prerequisite: consent of instructor.  Offered in summer or winter on demand.

SPAN 380  Analysis of the Spanish Language (4)
Provides the opportunity to improve knowledge of Spanish, develop a better understanding of the process of learning a second language, and expand knowledge of the many facets of the Spanish language. Students planning to teach Spanish will learn about issues of second language acquisition, including application of basic concepts of phonology, syntax, and morphology to the teaching of Spanish, and topics of the Spanish language that are usually problematic for English-speaking learners of Spanish.  Prerequisite: consent.  Offered every spring.


HUM 261  Cultural Impacts: Why…? (4)
An interdisciplinary examination of works of art, music, film, theater, or literature that have profoundly shaped and impacted cultures in the past or present.  May be repeated for credit as topics change. Offered in selected winter and summer semesters.