Global Engagement Success Stories

The Perspective of Experience: A Semester Abroad in Morocco and the Netherlands

Brianna Sandy '21, a Political Science major, studied abroad in Morocco and the Netherlands for the spring 2020 semester.

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Enjoy your life: Growth, Empowerment and Independence in Ghana

Asha Richards '21, an International Studies and Political Science major, studied abroad in Ghana for the spring 2020 semester. She did a homestay for one month in the capital city of Accra and spent three weeks experiencing the areas of Kumasi, Tamale, Cape Coast, and Patakro.

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Gaining Independence in London

When Mary Alexis Jackson ‘21 stepped off of the plane in London to begin a semester study abroad experience in the spring of 2020, she admitted that she was anxious about this new adventure that was well outside of her comfort zone. 

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Studying Away: A Newfound Sense of Strength in Costa Rica

My time abroad provided me with many opportunities to push outside of my comfort zone. Each time I did, I learned something further about myself, the people I was with, or the country itself.

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Studying Basketball in Japan

“Play Ball!” For Megan Sherman, a senior majoring in communication and English, these words ignited a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on the other side of the world -- in Tokyo, Japan.

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Being Black Abroad

Ayers, a double major in psychology and English, studied abroad at the  Fundácion Ortega-Marañón where she took courses in psychology.

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Expanding Boundaries in Amman, Jordan

In fall 2018, Selena Chambers ‘19 (International Studies) landed in Amman, Jordan filled with trepidation.

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Seizing Experiential Learning Opportunities

Caleb Mercer ‘19, a senior majoring in history and religious studies, has embraced the experiential learning opportunities offered by Virginia Wesleyan University.

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Interning while Studying Abroad in London

In fall 2017, Jessica Pittman '18 (Psychology) not only studied abroad in London, but she also interned at the Behavioral Neuroscience Institute of the University College London.

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New Zealand's Many Adventures

Earth and Environmental Science major Edwin Kinsey '18 had every intention of exploring the entire South Pacific when he studied abroad in spring 2017.

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Studying in Europe sparks Wanderlust

Jenna Serna '18 (Psychology and Women & Gender Studies) studied in Europe during Winter Session 2017 as a student in PSYCHOLOGY 305: History of Psychopathology in Europe

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From Study Abroad to an Internship with STIHL

Tanner Martin ‘17 (Business and German Studies) studied abroad at the the Goethe Institut in Munich, Germany in spring 2016.

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Rediscovering Her Art

Jennifer Taylor '17 (Art) studied abroad in Florence, Italy at the Florence University of the Arts (FUA) in spring 2016. As an art major, Jennifer viewed Florence or Firenze as a dream study abroad location.

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Experiencing China: Lessons Beyond the Classroom

This past summer, I spent three weeks in China conducting research on two World Heritage sites and Chinese preservation techniques.

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