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Vivian Teter

Vivian Teter

Professor of English


B.A., Hollins College
M.F.A., University of Arizona

Office Location: Blocker 26
Phone: 757-455-3340
Department/s: English

Faculty Features:

Poetry in Motion

Teter, Vivian. Rev. of New Tracks, Night Falling by Jeanne Murray Walker. The Anglican Theological Review 91:4 (2009): 677-678. Print.

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ENG398*01 Advanced Poetry Writing Wrksh

ENG105*08 College Writing

ENG250*04 Tpc: Lit of Human Rights

ENG250*06 HNRS:Tpc: Lit of Human Rights

FYE101*01 First-Year Experience

FYE401*01 Peer Advising


ENG105*07 College Writing

ENG298*01 Introductory Poetry Writing

ENG310*01 Distntv Voices Cont Am Poetry