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Diana Risk

Diana Risk

Professor of Hispanic Studies


B.A., M.A., University of Northern Iowa
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Office Location: Blocker 228
Phone: 757-455-3228
Department/s: Foreign Languages and Literature

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SPAN112*02 Beginning Spanish II

SPAN112*03 Beginning Spanish II

SPAN213*01 Intermediate Spanish

SPAN375*01 Tpc: Art and Society

SPAN213*02 Intermediate Spanish


SPAN111*02 Beginning Spanish I

SPAN213*01 Intermediate Spanish

SPAN307*01 Tpc:Iss in Cultural Diversity

SPAN317*01 Civilization of Spain

SPAN317*02 HNRS: Civilization of Spain


SPAN219*01 Sem:Iss of Sustain Ancient Am

SPAN319*01 Sem:Iss of Sustain Ancient Am