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William McConnell

William McConnell

Assistant Professor of Education


Ph.D., Old Dominion University
M.Ed., Old Dominion University
B.S., Old Dominion University

Office Location: Eggleston 106
Phone: 757-455-3403
Department/s: Education

Dr. Bill McConnell received a Masters in Early Childhood Education and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Old Dominion University. His research focuses on the teaching and learning of environmental science, and integrative STEM education in elementary contexts. He has over 30 state, national, and international presentations at professional conferences and several published scholarly works. He is a former Chesapeake Public Schools elementary teacher who has served as the Principal Investigator or research assistant on NOAA, NSF, and foundation funded grant projects. 

McConnell, W. & Dickerson, D. (2017). Constructing argument with 3D printed models. Science and Children, 54(5), 29-37.

Dickerson, D. L., Cantu, D. V., Hathcock, S. J., McConnell, W. J., & Levin, D. R. (2016). Instrumental STEM (iSTEM): An Integrated STEM Instructional Model. In Connecting Science and Engineering Education Practices in Meaningful Ways (pp. 139-168). Springer International Publishing.

Burgin, S. R., McConnell, W. J., & Flowers III, A. M. (2015). ‘I Actually Contributed to Their Research': The influence of an abbreviated summer apprenticeship program in science and engineering for diverse high-school learners. International Journal of Science Education37(3), 411-445.

Dickerson, D. L., Stewart, C. O., Hathcock, S., & McConnell, W. (2014). The Nature and Role of Science Kits in Affecting Change in Public Attitude Toward Understanding of Science. In Communicating Science to the Public (pp. 47-62). Springer Netherlands.

McConnell, W. J., & Dickerson, D. (2014). Real-World Integrated STEM Lesson Provides Opportunity for Cross-Subject Teacher Collaboration. Technology and Engineering Teacher, 73(1), 24-29.

McConnell, W. J., & Dickerson, D. (2013). Making Connections Between the Digital and Physical World. Science and Children51(4), 38.


Environmental Science Education
Integrated STEM Education
Elementary Education

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EDUC366*01 Classrm Mgmt & Tching Strat

INST203*01HY App Tech for Innovative Instr

INST203*02HY App Tech for Innovative Instr

EDUC329*01 TU: Curr & Instruct PreK-6

EDUC330*01 TU: Elementary Practicum


EDUC329*01 Curriculum & Instruct PreK-6

EDUC330*01 Elementary Practicum

INST203*01 App Tech for Innovative Instr

EDUC366*02 TU:Classrm Mgmt & Tching Stra


EDUC348*01 Persp on Math & Sci Initiativ