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Hilve Firek

Hilve Firek

Professor of Education


B.A., B.S., M.S., Old Dominion University
Ed.D., University of Montana

Office Location: Frank Blocker, Jr. Youth Center 109
Phone: 757-455-8749
Department/s: Education

Hilve Firek has over 25 years of experience in secondary education, educational publishing, and higher education. Firek's research interests include the uses of technology in the teaching/learning process; best practices in the teaching of language, composition, and literature; and the professional development of teachers.

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Gretes, J.A., Firek, H., and Nason, P. (1997) Undergraduate teacher education student perceptions of computer competence as a predictor of actual performance. In ICTE Inc. Proceedings of the 1997 14th Annual International Conference on Technology and Education, Oslo, Norway, (Vol II, pp. 532–534).

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Honors students from Nansemond-Suffolk Academy study microscopy at VWC on Oct. 29

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INST202*01 The School and Society

INST202*02 The School and Society

INST482*01 Issues in Education

EDUC366*90 TU:Classrm Mgmt & Tchng Strat

INST202*90 TU: The School and Society

EDUC230*02 Observation in Schl Settings

INST202*03 HNRS: The School and Society


EDUC340*01 Middle & Secondary Practicum

EDUC375*01 Middle & Sec Tching Methods

INST202*01 The School and Society