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Audrey Malagon

Audrey Malagon

Batten Associate Professor of Mathematics
Chair of the Academic Effectiveness Committee


B.A., Agnes Scott College
Ph.D., Emory University

Office Location: Eggleston 107
Phone: 757-233-8750
Department/s: Mathematics

“Keychain Ziplines: a Practical Way to Study Velocity in the Calculus Classroom,” with Lisa Driskell, PRIMUS: Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 23:7 (2013), 590-597, DOI: 10.1080/10511970.2013.801383. A PRIMUS Hot Topic Article 2014.


“Keychain Ziplines and the Degree Qualifications Profile” National Institute of Learning Outcomes Assessments Assignment Library. (2014)


“Killing Forms of Isotropic Lie Algebras,” Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 216:10 (2012), 2213-2224.


p-adic Order Bounded Group Valuations on Abelian Groups,” with Alan Koch, Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 49:02 (2007), 269-279.










Lie Superalgebras
Lie Algebras
Inquiry Based Learning

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CS205*01 Foundations of Logic & Proof

CS205*02 HNRS: Fndtns of Logic & Proof

MATH205*01 Foundations of Logic & Proof

MATH205*02 HNRS: Fdtns of Logic & Proof

MATH487*01 Mathematics Senior Seminar

MATH419*01 Algebraic Structures

MATH492*01 GS: Cryptography


MATH171*02 Calculus I

MATH189*01 Games and Decisions

MATH491*01 GS: Advanced Game Theory

MATH300*02 Teach Assistants' Program/Math