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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Assistant Professor of Biology and Greenhouse Supervisor


B.A., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Office Location: Blocker 101
Phone: 757-455-3248
Department/s: Biology

Karen Renzaglia, Renee Lopez-Smith and Eric Johnson, 2015. Callose is localized to a spore special wall prior to sporopollenin deposition in the developing tetrad of the liverwort Sphaerocarpos michelii. Planta,241: 615-627.

Eric Johnson, Reinhard Jetter, and Geoffrey Wasteneys.  2014. A rapid induction of the triterpenoid pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll protoplasts. Biotechnology Letters 36: 855-858.

Eric Johnson.  2012. A profile of the expression of a metabolic gene cluster in Arabidopsis (PhD dissertation).  UBC’s Digital Repository: Electronic Theses and Dissertations.  Available online at:

Scott Schuette and Eric Johnson. 2010. Sphaerocarpos michelii Bellardi (Sphaerocarpaceae) New in Illinois.  Evansia 27:1. Available online at:

Wesleyan Welcomes High School Biology Students

Honors students from Nansemond-Suffolk Academy study microscopy at VWC on Oct. 29

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BIO132*01 Prin Bio II:Cell Bio & Genet

BIO132*02 Prin Bio II:Cell Bio & Genet

BIO132*03 Prin Bio II:Cell Bio & Genet

BIO489*06 Research in Natural Sciences

BIO308*01 Molecular Plant Physiology

BIO308*01 Molecular Plant Physiology

BIO470*06 Intrnshp in Natural Sciences


BIO489*02 TU:Research in Natural Sci

BIO490*01 IR: Moss-t Find that Centrin!


BIO131*01 HNRS:Prin of Bio I:Evol & Eco

BIO412*01 Chemical Ecology

BIO489*05 Research in Natural Sciences

BIO470*04 Intrnshp in Natural Sciences

FYE101*14 HNRS: First Year Experience

FYE401*14 Peer Advising

BIO131*11 Prin of Bio I:Evol & Eco


BIO424*01 Tpc:Gene Cloning &DNA Maniplt