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ConnieA. Bellamy

Connie A. Bellamy

Professor Emeritus, English


Connie Bellamy is a native of Pearisburg, Va., and has been a member of the faculty of Virginia Wesleyan College since 1992. She taught previously at St. Lawrence University, Clarkson University, the State University of New York and at Mary Washington College. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy from Antioch College and a doctorate in English from McGill University and was previously Managing Editor and Associate Editor of Fiction International magazine. Recently, she co-edited a volume entitled The Lost Saranac Interviews, which includes rediscovered conversations with significant American writers such as Joyce Carol Oates, Russell Banks and Gail Godwin; and she is presently at work on The Plight of the Writer, based on a series of interviews with the Director of the Literature Program of the National Endowment for the Arts. Over the years she has edited a number of volumes in a series highlighting excellence in student writing at Virginia Wesleyan. These include: Ode to Friendship and Other Essays, Tropical Landscape: Student Writing at Virginia Wesleyan College, New Student Writing at Virginia Wesleyan College, Reality Check and Other Essays, Dream Child and Other Essays, Woman in Red and Other Essays, and The Making of A Southerner & Other Essays. She is past president of the American Association of University Professors.

Bellamy, Connie and Joe David Bellamy, eds. Lost Saranac Interviews: Forgotten Conversations with Famous Writers. Cincinnati: Writers' Digest Books, 2007.