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RichardE. Bond

Richard E. Bond

Associate Professor of History
Chair of History

Degrees Held

B.A., Fordham University
M.A., Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Office Location: 24 Blocker Hall
Phone: 757-455-3355
- History

Dr. Bond received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where he specialized in the history of the colonial Atlantic world. His teaching interests range broadly, and include slavery and African American life, religion, colonial culture, and even pirates. Bond's current research focuses more narrowly on free and enslaved African Americans in colonial New York. "Moving to a small, liberal arts college is very exciting for me because the college fosters an environment of exchange and learning," he says. "Teaching in such a place permits me wonderful opportunities to know my students, to teach them, and to learn from them."

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