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JamesC. Dumville

James C. Dumville (Jim)

Adjunct Faculty

Degrees Held

Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S., Air Force Institute of Technology
A.B., Georgetown University

- Management, Business and Economics

Brief Biographical Sketch - Dr. James C. Dumville

Current teaching position:

                  Adjunct MBA Professor in Business and Logistics, Virginia Wesleyan University

Previous fulltime teaching positions:

                  Instructor in Logistics and Project Management, Richard Bland College (3yrs)

                  Associate Professor, Saint Leo University (4 years)

                  Associate Professor, Chowan College (11 years)

                  Associate Professor, Virginia Union University (1 year)

                  Assistant Professor, Christopher Newport University (6 years)

Previous Employment:

                  Career officer in the United States Officer; retired as rank of Lieutenant Colonel;

                    9 years in radar operations, 11 years in logistics.

Academic Data:

                  AB Economics, Georgetown University - 1965

                  MS Logistics Management, Air Force Institute of Technology (with distinction) -

                     1973 - credit courses in: Accounting and Financial Management, Statistics I/II,

                     Inventory, Cost and Economic Analysis,  Systems Analysis, Purchasing and

                     Acquisition Management, Maintenance Management, Transportation Management,

                     Supply Management. Thesis: "A Computer Simulation and Statistical Analysis of a Medical

                     Center Central Appointment System."  Non-credit courses in Advanced Accounting,

                     Advanced Calculus and FORTRAN Programming. 

                  Ph.D. Management, Virginia Commonwealth University - 1994: Major in Management;

                     Minors in Economics and Management Science.  The minor in Management Science is a

                     strong minor with 12 courses taken in this area.  Dissertation in Accounting, Finance and

                     Management: “A Study of the Relationship of Chief Executive Compensation with Chief

                     Executive Directorate Networks and the Tenure of the Executive.”


                  Nine articles published in refereed journals, 1992-2011

-     Articles Published (latest first)(note: my past three schools did not emphasize publication):

--    “Design for Environment: The Greening of Product and Supply Chain,” in The Journal for Maritime Economics and Logistics (2011), Volume 13.

--    “Performance-Based Logistics: Where Design for Supply Chain and Design for Supportability Converge,” in the Defense and Aerospace Journal, November 4, 2010.

--    “Division of Labor, Efficient? Empirical Evidence to Support the Argument;” senior author, published in refereed journal:   SAM, the Journal of the Society for the Advancement of Management, Spring 1997.

--    “The Effective Uses of Videoconferencing: An Experimental Analysis,”  senior author, published in refereed journal: Information Strategy, Winter 1996.

--    “Business Ethics: A Model to Position a Relative Business Ethics Decision and a Model to Strengthen its Application;” published in refereed journal: Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal,  September 1995.                   

--    “Aircraft Maintenance Costs and Aircraft Age;” senior author, published in refereed journal: Transportation Quarterly, Winter 1994.

--    “Chief Executive Compensation: An Argument for a High Reward System;”  published in refereed journal:  Compensation and Benefits Management,  Summer, 1993.

--    “Delivering the Mortal Blow: How to Fire Someone;”  published (for payment) in journal: Supervision, August 1992.

--    “A PERT Statistical Analysis:  The Probability that a Non-Critical Path will Emerge Critical;” published in refereed journal: Logistics Spectrum , Spring 1992.

-     Articles Accepted for Publication:

--    “Condos of Quality: An Application of the Quality Function Deployment, the Analytical Hierarchy Process Technique and the Delphi Technique to the United States Air force Fighter Aircraft Modernization Program;”  accepted for publication at the Journal for Technological Forecasting and Social Change, revision underway.

--    "Chief Executive Compensation:  A Correlation to Market Risk;" ac­cepted for publication in refereed journal: Human Resources , re­vision underway.

-     Articles in Review:

--    "Design for Supply Chain: An Integral Part of Product Development,” in review at: SOLE: Society of Logistics Engineers.

--    “Does Fuel Hedging Add Value to Commercial Airlines?” in review at Journal for Transportation Planning and Policy.

-     Other:

--    Past author of syndicated weekly column on the subject of management: “Management: Getting It Done Through People;” was published locally in the monthly newspaper: Carolina Business.

--    Air Command and Staff College; 1977-1978; Papers:  "A Functional Analysis of the Decentralized Economy of China," and "The Oil Economy of Iran."

--    Five books in draft: “Inventory: From EOQ to JIT; how to do it, and what it is all about,” "How to Manage: An Irrational Approach,"  "The Management of Air Cargo," "Air Economics, and "Six Advanced Applications in Linear Programming

--    Added academic research in: Economic Value Added Theory, Organization Learning, Planned Value in Project Management, Brokerage Concepts for the Management of Empty Intermodal Containers, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Leadership, Vertical Dyad/Leader Member Exchange Theory, Free Cash Flow Conversions, Corporate Takeover Synergy Valuations, Press Statistic in Regression Analysis, Learning Curve Analysis, Lost Customer Algorithms, Mallow’s Cp Statistic, Logistic Regression, Analytical Hierarchy Processes.

--    Cases developed in: Global Logistics Acquisition, Financial Accounting, Quality Acceptance Plans, Logistics Distribution Algorithms, Inventory and Safety Stock Management, Financial Acquisition, Entrepreneurial Startups.