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EricE. Johnson

Eric E. Johnson

Associate Professor of Biology
Supervisor of the Greer Center Greenhouse
Coordinator of General Education

Degrees Held

B.A., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Ph.D., University of British Columbia

Office Location: 101 Blocker Hall
Phone: 757-455-3248
- Biology

Karen Renzaglia, Renee Lopez-Smith and Eric Johnson, 2015. Callose is localized to a spore special wall prior to sporopollenin deposition in the developing tetrad of the liverwort Sphaerocarpos michelii. Planta,241: 615-627.

Eric Johnson, Reinhard Jetter, and Geoffrey Wasteneys.  2014. A rapid induction of the triterpenoid pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll protoplasts. Biotechnology Letters 36: 855-858.

Eric Johnson.  2012. A profile of the expression of a metabolic gene cluster in Arabidopsis (PhD dissertation).  UBC’s Digital Repository: Electronic Theses and Dissertations.  Available online at:

Scott Schuette and Eric Johnson. 2010. Sphaerocarpos michelii Bellardi (Sphaerocarpaceae) New in Illinois.  Evansia 27:1. Available online at:

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