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ScottC. Ramsey

Scott C. Ramsey

Adjunct Faculty

Degrees Held

Ph.D., Prescott College
M.A., William and Mary University
B.A., Virginia Wesleyan University

- Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Scott Ramsey graduated from Virginia Wesleyan in 1990 with a Liberal Arts Management Degree.  He attained his master's from William and Mary, focusing on Environmental Sociology.  From there his non-traditional academic path took him to Alaska, where for the past 25 years he has acquired vast field experience in a myriad of environmental sciences.  Inspired, he started the Alaska Outdoor Science School (AOSS), which celebrates the wisdom of nature's classroom. AOSS has collaborated with VWU students for summer offerings.  Working as a wilderness guide and environmental educator has been capped by his doctoral degree in Sustainability Education from Prescott College.  He and his family live 'off the grid' in a house powered by water that he and his family built from local wood.  His father, Doc Ramsey taught at Virginia Wesleyan for 40 years and he is honored to continue his father's legacy.